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Open Heart is a community of laymen who practice nonreligious buddhism. Open Heart offers teachings on natural meditation and transformation of the dualistic mind. We combine both secular and esoteric approaches, firmly based on common sense and ethics. Our approach is especially suitable for laymen, with wordly responsibilities. 

Open Heart interests people who prefer to think for themselves. Many in our community have spent considerable time training in other methods before finding Open Heart. Open Heart puts special emphasis on explaining the purpose of  practice and understanding how the practices are correctly done. In Open Heart, we do not value dogmatic or faith-based ideas. One's own practice and experiences gained from that are essential. Find out more from Open Heart Info and Teachings menus.

Open Heart-teachings are taught at Courses, Retreats and Online. See upcoming events from Calendar.

Open Heart started in 2008 and is practiced by people in countries such as USA, Canada, Russia, Australia, UK, Ireland, Norway and Finland.