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Learn Open Heart Yoga Online

All 3 levels of Open Heart Yoga can now be learned through online empowerment and recorded audio/video lessons. Levels 2 and 3 can be learned in 1 month intervals after the previous techniques have been learned well. See below for fees.

Note: If you wish to learn Open Heart Yoga but there aren't any empowerments scheduled, send email to to have your name put on a waiting list. You'll be informed as soon an empowerment is scheduled.

See the upcoming Open Heart Yoga empowerments scheduled here.

How Are Fit to Join

In order to learn and practice Open Heart Yoga one has to have normal mental health. Yogic practices are not suitable for people with psychoses or schizophrenia.

Familiarise yourself with the Introduction practice, for a few weeks, before taking this course. About half of the Open Heart Yoga Level 1 techniques are already taught in the Introduction.

Open Heart Yoga is practiced for the purpose of purification of mind, or karmic purification, which is the other main theme of the Open Heart-teachings. The other central part of the method is awakening. You can start Open Heart Yoga anytime but it is important that you also get awakened. Therefore we recommend that you look into the so called Two-Part Formula and undertake Guidance to Awakening.

Learning OHY Online

This course consists of:

  • Receiving empowerment to Open Heart Yoga and the mantras concerned from the teacher through Zoom-group video session.

  • Immediately after the empowerment you will receive a link to your email and have access to recorded audio lessons where all the techniques of OHY1 are taught in detail. The total duration of the audio files is almost 6 hours in 16 files, including the whole practice program guided in one session.

  • You will also receive instructions of all the techniques in written format to your email.

  • After the empowerment and learning of the practice you can begin daily practice on your own.

Online Support

When you have practiced Open Heart Yoga for some time and feel that this is what you have been looking for, you can join our online Open Heart Sangha at Facebook. This group is only for like minded people who have found their practice and spiritual path in Open Heart-method. To be able to join the group, become friends with the teacher who, upon request, will add you to sangha. At Open Heart Sangha you can ask questions from our teachers and discuss related topics with other practitioners. Please do not send your questions to teacher's email, unless very personal.

Registering and fees

OHY Level 1-3: 50-100€ on a sliding scale. Choose a sum that best fits your financial situation. Please the consider the value of the teachings in relation to your fee. If you cannot afford these prices, ask for a lowered fee. No one will be turned away for lack of funds. After delivering the payment and sending a course request through email, you will receive download link to your email

Register for the next scheduled initiation session by sending email for the teacher to

You will receive a confirmation of your registration. Upon receiving the confirmation, you should make your payment at once, in full through PayPal or internet bank with the following information:


Name: Kim Katami, IBAN: FI48 5722 9040 1280 81, SWIFT: OKOYFIHH, Message: Online

The fee is returned only if the empowerment is cancelled by the organiser.

Technology for Zoom

Install Zoom-software before the empowerment session. For Zooming you need a microphone and speakers/headphones.

The teacher will provide you with a link to the empowerment session through email.