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What's Next?

On Post-Awakening Practice

New: What's Next?-book has been added a new chapter entitled, "CHAPTER 3: Shamatha Experiment". The new chapter can be downloaded here as a separate pdf-file.

Download: pdf, mobi or epub.

Download full book from this page:

(Note: mobi and epub have less photos than pdf. Only pdf contains added 3rd Chapter)

Video: Watch author's demonstrations of Dynamic Concentration, as described in the book, at YouTube.

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Foreword, 4

Disclaimer, 6

Illustrations, 7

CHAPTER 1: Open Heart Bhumi Model

Introduction to Open Heart Bhumi Model, 13

  • Buddhism and Mind

  • How the Mind is Constructed

  • Emptiness and Open Heart Bhumi Model

How to Visit Bhumis, 18

  • Bhumi Visitation Exercise

  • Tips

How to Open Bhumis: Dynamic Concentration, 21

  • Statistics from Pemako Buddhist Sangha

  • Dynamic Concentration

  • We're Only In It for the Fruit

  • How to Use the Body

  • Sutra-based Buddhism and Dynamic Concentration Combined

  • Tantric Deities and Dynamic Concentration Combined

Bhumi Mapping: How to Map Oneself and Others, 27

  • The General Context

  • The Key Factors of Bhumi Mapping

  • Tips

  • Tantric Way of Bhumi Mapping: 13 Pure Land Jhanas

  • Bhumi Mapping Experiences

CHAPTER 2: Accounts and Photos

Opening and Perfecting Bhumis, Accounts by Practitioners, 33

  • Karl's Account, 33

  • Jonathan's Account, 36

  • Helena's Account, 39

  • Tiia's Account, 41

  • Mikko's Account, 43

  • Pasi's Account, 45

  • Nathaniel's Account, 46

  • Kim's Account, 51

Bhumi Opening Comments, 54

Photographs of Practitioners: Photos from 0 to 13th bhumis opened, 59

Additional Photos: Bhumi Openings and Perfections, 65

CHAPTER 3: Shamatha Experiment

CHAPTER 4: Additional materials

What is Emptiness? How to Make Sense of Emptiness? 76

  • Practical Points

  • How Do I Know If My Understanding of Emptiness Is Right?

  • Practical Advice

The Core Features of Pragmatic Dharma by Vincent Horn, 78

  • The Relationship of Theory and Practice

  • Awakening is Possible

  • Maps are Helpful

  • Reality-Testing is Crucial

  • Openness & Transparency For the Win!

Seeing Enlightenment from a Photograph by Shinzen Young, 81

Bhumis in Traditional Buddhism, 83

  • Tulku Urgyen Rinpoche

  • Jigme Lingpa

  • Acarya Malcolm Smith

  • Zen-master Hakuin

  • Daniel Ingram

About the Author, 85

Give a Donation, 86