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What's Next?

On Post-Awakening Practice

New: What's Next?-book has been added a new chapter entitled, "CHAPTER 3: Shamatha Experiment". The new chapter can be downloaded here as a separate pdf-file.

Download: pdf, mobi or epub.

Download full book from this page:

(Note: mobi and epub have less photos than pdf. Only pdf contains added 3rd Chapter)

Video: Watch author's demonstrations of Dynamic Concentration, as described in the book, at YouTube.

From Kim Rinpoche's Facebook:
”I have collected 40 examples of Dynamic Concentration into this playlist over several years. You can see Zen teachers, martial artists (kendo, aikido, karate, iaido) Shinto practitioners and Vajrayana buddhist teachers. I have collected these videos to indicate that shouts are indeed used in many spiritual/dharma and bodymind methods. From these videos you can also observe the main difference of singular shouts vs. many shouts, like we do in Pemako Buddhism.

In my experience dynamic type of concentration is the most direct means to recognise the natural state. The beauty of it is that you can find out the efficacy yourself in the next 5 minutes, if you wish. This is the most direct means to give yourself the highest of all tantric empowerments which is to recognise your own buddhanature.”


The author can be contacted through email:



Foreword, 4

Disclaimer, 6

Illustrations, 7

CHAPTER 1: Open Heart Bhumi Model

Introduction to Open Heart Bhumi Model, 13

  • Buddhism and Mind

  • How the Mind is Constructed

  • Emptiness and Open Heart Bhumi Model

How to Visit Bhumis, 18

  • Bhumi Visitation Exercise

  • Tips

How to Open Bhumis: Dynamic Concentration, 21

  • Statistics from Pemako Buddhist Sangha

  • Dynamic Concentration

  • We're Only In It for the Fruit

  • How to Use the Body

  • Sutra-based Buddhism and Dynamic Concentration Combined

  • Tantric Deities and Dynamic Concentration Combined

Bhumi Mapping: How to Map Oneself and Others, 27

  • The General Context

  • The Key Factors of Bhumi Mapping

  • Tips

  • Tantric Way of Bhumi Mapping: 13 Pure Land Jhanas

  • Bhumi Mapping Experiences

CHAPTER 2: Accounts and Photos

Opening and Perfecting Bhumis, Accounts by Practitioners, 33

  • Karl's Account, 33

  • Jonathan's Account, 36

  • Helena's Account, 39

  • Tiia's Account, 41

  • Mikko's Account, 43

  • Pasi's Account, 45

  • Nathaniel's Account, 46

  • Kim's Account, 51

Bhumi Opening Comments, 54

Photographs of Practitioners: Photos from 0 to 13th bhumis opened, 59

Additional Photos: Bhumi Openings and Perfections, 65

CHAPTER 3: Shamatha Experiment

CHAPTER 4: Additional materials

What is Emptiness? How to Make Sense of Emptiness? 76

  • Practical Points

  • How Do I Know If My Understanding of Emptiness Is Right?

  • Practical Advice

The Core Features of Pragmatic Dharma by Vincent Horn, 78

  • The Relationship of Theory and Practice

  • Awakening is Possible

  • Maps are Helpful

  • Reality-Testing is Crucial

  • Openness & Transparency For the Win!

Seeing Enlightenment from a Photograph by Shinzen Young, 81

Bhumis in Traditional Buddhism, 83

  • Tulku Urgyen Rinpoche

  • Jigme Lingpa

  • Acarya Malcolm Smith

  • Zen-master Hakuin

  • Daniel Ingram

About the Author, 85

Give a Donation, 86